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ShriKrishan Choudhary
CEO / Founder

Shri Krishan Choudhary, the visionary CEO and founder of AryanArts33, leads with a passion for preserving the art of block printing and sharing its beauty with the world. His dedication to craftsmanship and commitment to delivering exceptional quality are the driving forces behind our success.

Manoj Kumar Choudhary
Chief Operating Officer

Manoj Kumar Choudhary, the accomplished Chief Operating Officer at AryanArts33, brings invaluable expertise in streamlining operations and ensuring seamless efficiency. With his strategic mindset and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, he plays a pivotal role in driving our organization towards excellence.

Jane Gray
Public Relations

Jane Gray, our esteemed Public Relations specialist, is a master at building connections and telling our story to the world. With her exceptional communication skills and strategic approach, she ensures that AryanArts33’s mission and offerings reach a wider audience, creating a lasting impression and fostering positive relationships.

July Wood
Customer Support

July Wood, our dedicated Customer Support representative, is the friendly face behind AryanArts33’s exceptional service. With her warm demeanor and strong problem-solving skills, she ensures that every customer receives the assistance they need promptly and effectively.